Match Profile

A person's profile is a hub of activity. It's where you go to learn more about people, where they're from, and who they are. And if things go right, it's where you make your first connection.

User Goals

  • reduce confusion of horizontal-scroll layout
  • make content easy to scan and evaluate
  • clearly display communication options

Business Goals

  • maintain or improve revenue from up-sell placements
  • increase engagement and communication
  • reduce complexity required for dev and maintenence

All the Moving Parts

This was my first major project at eHarmony and I clearly didn’t know what I was getting into. Not only is the profile view a high value experience for the user, the list of requirements and use cases were endless. I was only able to tackle a project of this scale through constant interaction with Tech and Product Management.

Learning the Hard Way

As if the scale of the project wasn’t enough, I tried to develop a new spec documentation system. The goal was to reduce information density using an abbreviated coding system. I combined color and type specs into call-outs using numerical references…

… and it failed.

Ultimately it was confusing to use and cumbersome to build. There where so many numbers and no one remembered what they meant. But the specs looked good!

Match Profile Performance

It seemed like launch day would never come. But when it did, the hard work and long nights paid off. The new design outperformed it’s predecessor on every metric. As with most big changes there were some users who missed the quirkiness of the old design. But overall the redesign was a success. And, it continues to be a flexible platform for further optimizations.


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