The Crowd's Line

The Crowd's Line believes that fans know best when it comes to picking winners and losers.

Disrupting Las Vegas

The aim of The Crowd’s Line is to improve the accuracy of odds-making by collecting large numbers of predictions through fun and engaging channels. People submit their best guess in hopes of winning points, prizes and bragging rights.


Although the project focused on an iterative approach, the team needed some visibility into the future. Showing the possibilities of a full-featured app helped guide early stage development with flexibility in mind.

Bumps Along the Way

Rarely is your first idea the best. And here’s a good example of that. While I thought the visual design was on track, the content and interaction patterns were way off. There was a lot of missing information that was needed to make an educated prediction. In addition, it was not clear how to move in and out of each view.

Focus on the User

After some feedback from our target user group, I brought more information to the top-level making it easier to track odds, see the status of each event and see how many points you earned.