What If

The What If feature allows users to connect with people who are slightly outside their preferred settings. It gives them a chance to find that special someone in unexpected places.

User Goals

  • provide access to additional matches
  • easy, low commitment way to show interest
  • more intuitive experience

Business Goals

  • drive up engagement
  • increase revenue as a subscription feature
  • refresh visual design to align with Google Material Design guidelines


After gathering requirements, data and doing a competitive audit, I moved to wire-frames to begin vetting concepts.

While my goal was volume over detail, I found that visual effects were needed in some cases to communicate the idea.

More Features on the Way

In the spirit of Agile, we are releasing fast, learning and iterating. The first stage was a solid, functional MVP informed by user needs. We are set to release the next set of features that respond to user feedback. And, we’ll be testing the hypothesis that swiping gestures can further improve engagement.

What If Feature Performance

At this point the solution has proven successful at driving engagement. Users are viewing more profiles per session and choose to connect with more people. More conversations lead to happier users as well as increased conversions for those they reach out to.


Profiles Views


Connections Made